I am having problems with the upfront editor loading. It

I am having problems with the upfront editor loading. It is not loading correctly so I can edit or see the tools. This is the second time this has happened on 2 different pages.

    Michael Bissett

    Hey @DM365, hope you're doing well today!

    Would you happen to recall when it stopped working properly for you? Did you add a plugin to your site, or add a certain element to your site?

    Right now, it looks like the code element you inserted for the "News" section at the bottom may be causing this issue, as I'm noticing this error come up in the browser console:

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < - (index):461

    And checking out that line leads me to this, which is part of the code for that code element below the "News" header:

    </b><style>#upfront-code_element-object-1427057681047-1245 /* Your styles here */ }</style><script>;try { (function ($) { <div id="fb-root"></div>

    Please advise,

    Adam Czajczyk

    Hey @DM365,

    I hope you're doing well!

    I've tried to replicate the problem on my test setup but I wasn't able to. Referring to Michael's questions I'd also like to ask you this:

    1) Do you use any caching plugins? If yes, have you tried to empty all caches and disable those plugins?
    2) Are there any plugins or tools that aim to minify JS scripts on the site? If so, have you tried to disable them?

    Finally, have you tried to edit your site with various browsers or/and on different computers?
    Please advise.

    Have a good day!