I am having some issues with configuring the Google Maps

Hi I am having some issues with configuring the Google Maps plugin to meet my requirements.

I am currently using the Google Maps plugin to display the locations of all my BuddyPress members. I have this running successfully on the members page.

I would however, like to add a map with plotted BuddyPress members to the home page. I have tried using shortcodes, but it will not enable me to plot the members.

Could you please advise how I can go about this?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


  • PC

    Hey there Hannah,

    Thanks for your post and sorry about the delay here. I had to be away for a few days due to baby birth.

    Is it possible to not have the member details underneath?

    Not out of the box, but we can try and hide them via CSS. Can you kindly post a link to the site where I can see the map ?

    Also, is it possible to not have the map data / terms of use placed over the map?

    Well, Google would not love it but the below CSS can do it for you :wink:

    div.gmnoprint{display:none !important}

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.


  • PC

    Hey there Hannah,

    Sorry for missing the post again. I am still catching up with my feed and believe me its huge :slight_smile:

    I have one final request (sorry about the number of posts). Is it possible to use to Google Map plugin to plot geographical locations from the forums?

    No worries with the number of posts.

    Sorry but its not possible for the plugin to pick the location from the forums and plot that on the map. It can however be used to create a mashup of members according to their address (if you are using BuddyPress)

    What forum are you using BTW ? bbPress ?

    I can move this to "Features and Feedback" so that others can vote on a feature like this and we can make the plugin more powerful. But that would need more information on what you are trying to achieve in detail :slight_smile:

    Cheers, PC

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