I am having trouble setting up a suscription and getting it

I am having trouble setting up a suscription and getting it to bill the user. We don't have users sign up on our website, we add them manually, so after I add them, I choose which subscription they belong to (I did set up recurring paypal payments for that membership), but I never receive any emails that payment is due.

We'd like them to automatically get an email requesting payment when we set them up....how can I do that?


  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi Lori,

    Welcome to the WPMU Dev community and thank you for your question.

    Please activate the add-on "Additional Automated Messages " from Membership Add-ons and then try configuring the emails for it in the Membership settings Membership Automated Email Responses for "Signup - Completed with payment" and "Payment - After due" as shown in the attached screenshots.

    Best Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  • Lori Roth

    Ok...It seems we are on different time zones, so I will ask a few of the other questions here as weel:

    1. I did set up the new automated email messages, but I am still getting the old emails from the old system that I do remember configuring before....I can't find where these old emails are anymore, but none of them have the links to the invoice that I have configured in the new emails. Also, the emails I'm getting have WORDPRESS@expochurchleader.com as the sender, and I have info@expochurchleader.com set.
    2. In the older version, I know I saw a link to manually send invoices, but I don't see that anymore...still not getting the right email sent with a link in it to actually go to paypal and pay. I don't see anything in the documentation that talks about actually billing and receiving payments. We only use PayPal (one time and recurring) and manual checks...so a little more help with that would be appreciated.


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Lori,

    Could you enable support access for your site? You can grant support access via WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access > Grant Access.
    I would like take a look on your settings.

    but I am still getting the old emails from the old system that I do remember configuring before....

    What old system? The old Membership?

    We can't communicate with our members outside the forums/live chat and the mails - rest is unsupervised, so I hope you understand.

    Kind regards,

  • Lori Roth

    yes, I meant the old membership system. I had the free version, configured the auto emails, then upgraded to pro...here is one of the emails I get when the membership expires in 1 day...
    Hi Media,

    This is just a reminder that your Members - Group 2 membership at Exponential Church Leader Coaching will end in 1 day.

    I set up in the new automated emails to include an invoice....and I'm still not sure why nothing is being prompted for billing.

    I did enable the live support now if you want to jump on and check things out..


  • Lori Roth

    Ok...I did go in and enabled that email and added the invoice, but I didn't think I needed that one. I wanted the one that said your payment was due. We have a membership that is 1 year long, but they pay monthly, so I don't want to tell them their subscription is up, because it's not, I need to tell them their recurring payment is due, then give them the ability to go to paypal to pay. I still don't see how to make that happen.

    I also thought there was a way to manually send invoices, which I saw in the free version of Membership pro, but I don't see it now in the paid version.

    Are there more instructions you can send me that shows how that works?


  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Lori,

    Yes, when you manually add users to Membership they have the Admin gateway set. If you are using recurring events in PayPal your members have to set their accounts by themselves to use PayPal - join membership, change membership.

    I need to tell them their recurring payment is due, then give them the ability to go to paypal to pay.

    They have to go first to your website, go to account page choose expired membership and from there make payment in the Paypal (if you have recurring payments from now on PayPal will handle this). You can't send them directly to PayPal - this have to go through your site.
    Members in PayPal can directly cancel recurring payment for membership.
    Members should go to Account page in your website so they could manage theirs accounts there.

    Please, enable support access again and I will take a look on your membership settings.

    Kind regards,

  • Lori Roth

    Ok...getting closer! I enabled the support access again for you.

    This is what I've been doing today and I think it will work.

    I disabled all of the "your subscription expires .." because our people sign a contract with us that they will be in for the full year, so I really needed to send out "your payment is due," or "thanks for your payment", so I have enabled those and I think this will work.

    I see you added the BILLING piece which really solves some problems! I can add a user to the all users with a dummy email address (so they don't get an email asking to change their password), then I edit their profile and add the correct email, and add them to the membership group. Then they get an email thanking them for joining the group and I added for them to pay by going to their account page and clicking on the invoice (which I create a Billed invoice for the first month). Once they click on the invoice and pay, then will get a receipt...so I think this will do what I need it to at this point.

    Please double check settings anyway, but I think this gets me going in the right direction so far...I'm sure I'll have other questions in the future, but I think I'm covered for now.


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