I am interested in creating a site similar to deviantart. Are there Wordpress themes and plugins tha

I have a community of artists who would like to be able to share their art with one another. I'd like to create a site for them similar to deviantart, where they can login, create a profile, chat with one another, post events, search for art, sell and buy art, blog etc. Is there a theme/plugin combination that would make this possible?

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    Hi @rainy_worzella,

    Welcome to the forums!

    The short answer to your question is "Yes", because it's almost guaranteed that there is "A" combination of plugins/themes that will let you do what you want. Findign them all and getting it all to work together is another matter!

    Places to start would be:

    BuddyPress > Mega-Popular social networking plugin, which we also provide support for here even though it's not one of our plugins. It provides a kind of Facebook-esque system for profiles, user interaction, activity updates etc.

    Chat > This ones ours, and thanks to the recent 2.0 update, it is THE WordPress chat plugin

    Events+ > The name kinda gives it away! :slight_smile:

    MarketPress > Our awesome flexible e-commerce plugin

    and we have loads more stuff you could use too... but you know that... you already signed up :slight_smile:

    Go take a look and let us know if you need any more specific help with anything. I'm going to mark this as resolved since I'm guessing any further queries will relate to a specific plugin or a more specific part of your project. If you feel this is premature, by all means re-open the ticket and post again!

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