I am lock

Hi there,

I have been trying since several days, but I am not able to get the light.

I wanted to create a a front page in which I could separate my users to create a free blog or a paid blog. Each type of blog will have its own theme. I have installed the EDUblogs home page theme but I am not able to find where do I declare this two different kind of users. As it is now, all users are able to create a free blog and that´s all!

Then I decided to give a try to Supporter plugin and I have got this when I try to activate it for the network:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function writetolog() in /home/severuse/public_html/GratisDating24/wp-content/plugins/6255_supporter-2.2.8/supporter-amazon.php on line 30

or this:

Error: Missing POST variables. Identification is not possible.

Then I have tried the Community plugin and after installed when I press the Communities option in the admin area I go to a 404 page.

I am running a 3.1.3 Multisite installation

What should I do? any solution?