I am looking for an appointment booking calendar. this

Hi. I am looking for an appointment booking calendar. this seems to be near what i need but each user woukd need to sync their own google calendar to their own profile. and hence receive notifications and payments directly. is this possible? thanks.Im getting a really frustrating message telling me to add more details.....well...i havent got any more so i am just noe writi g nonsense....what a silly thing i have to do as a paying member. these details should be in a box prefill requirement or something. who put this silly feature into a support request?????

  • leigh
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    Im not currently using multisite, and it is quiet heavily setup right now to be working in a single site format. I havent used buddypress in a multisite format either so im not sure about different functionality it will provide.

    what would i have to consider if i changed?


  • aristath
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    Hello again @leigh,

    Appointments+ wasn't designed to allow multiple payments to different addresses, that's why I suggested you use a multisite installation.
    The only problem there is that each user will have to setup their own appointments options from the dashboard of their site etc.
    You could however simplify the process and write a custom plugin that will create a form allowing your users a different UI with the options that you want.
    This however would require some custom development... You could post a new job in our jobs board on https://premium.wpmudev.org/wordpress-development/ if you want so that a skilled developer can do that for you!


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