I am looking for documentation on Marketpress is there any


I am looking for documentation on Marketpress is there any available?


  • Peter

    I am having trouble with the variations, I am creating a site with a lot of variations but they need to be added to several products, is there a way that I can set up the variations and then just select them to add to different products.

    For example I have products like, bibs, car chairs, Girls, Boys etc they all have the same fabric so I want to be able to create the variations and then just select the same variations for each product.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Peter,

    I hope you're well today!

    If I understand you correctly (which, I hope, I do!) this should be partially doable. I've attached to screenshots to this post. The first one shows variation added to one product (that's the initial variations setup) and the second one shows how this already existing variation can be selected while editing/adding another product.

    Here's a brief guide on this:

    1. Create a product
    2. Create variations for it, add them to product and save product
    3. Edit/Add another product
    4. Select "This Product has a multiple variations" option
    5. Expand the "Variation Name" drop-down box and those variations added in step 2 should be listed there for you to choose from; select one of them;
    6 (optional) if you wish to use more of existing variations, click on "Add another Variant" and repeat step 5
    7. Save product

    However, for all these variations you will still need to add values manually for every product.

    Having said that, I'm moving this thread to our Features and Feedback forum as I agree that "fully reusable" variations would make a great feature. Hopefully more members of our community will vote for it and if it gains more support there's a big chance that it will be implemented in future.

    Best regards,

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