I am looking to host a number of blogs for my clients. What

I am looking to host a number of blogs for my clients. What I am wanting to achieve, is
My client sets up a cname sending their subdomain to, for example, to ABC.mydomain.com. I have a number of clients to set this up for, so rather than install a pile of WP into a number of subdomains, I am hoping to use multisite and employ some kind of mapping.
In the multisite, I am flexible on themes, and only limited plugins are required. WP version to be V4.4

Is this possible with Multi Domains, or is there something else in WPMUDEV that you would suggest.
Thank you for your advice and help. Really appreciated

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey there @bizetools,

    How are you doing today?

    We do have two mapping plugins, Multi Domains and Domain Mapping, they both require multisite.

    With just subdomain WordPress Multisite installation you're allowed to have your clients add their site name to your domain as you described above (ABC.mydomain.com) and it will work the same for all subsites.

    With Multi-Domains, you can allow new users to select from a number of domain names that you control, so if you own mydomain.com, myaccount.com, and mynetwork.com, you can offer your new members a choice of domains - blog.mydomain.com, blog.myaccount.com or blog.mynetwork.com.

    Domain Mapping, on the other hand, will grant your user an ability to map completely new domain to his subsite. So if a user owns usersite.com, but gets a blog on your site called usersite.mydomain.com, you/user can map usersite.com to usersite.mydomain.com and use the new domain instead.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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