I am needing to setup 6 Multisites with the same settings,

I am needing to setup 6 Multisites with the same settings, theme and same14 (config) plugins. I am wanting to use the first one to make clones / migrate and upload to the other new domains.

I have had NO LUCK trying "Backup Buddy" and your "Snapshot"

Please tell me a way to do this?

Thank you so much

  • Ash

    Hi carolsoo

    Welcome to WPMU community!

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    In fact those plugins work for same domain, not for server to server transfer. What you can do is to use WP Migrate DB PRO: https://deliciousbrains.com/wp-migrate-db-pro/ but it's commercial.

    Other hand, you can try moving multisite from one server to another server according to codex: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress#Moving_WordPress_Multisite

    Hope it helps. Please let me know if you need more information.


  • Noahj Champion

    Hi carolsoo! Here are some other potential solutions well!

    Migrate DB Pro:
    1st I would say, go with what Ash said for Migrate DB Pro regardless when you can! You may be able to accomplish what you are needing in a matter of minutes using Migrate DB Pro. Migrate DB Pro saves me countless & countless hours of work. It is a must have plugin. If you need any reference or demo/help of using Migrate DB Pro, I will be glad to help. I highly recommend it and love it so!

    Though, depending on what you are trying to move of your websites Migrate DB Pro, will not move media files though. Those have to be moved manually currently. So, if that is the case then Migrate DB Pro, will only help but half way.

    Duplicator Plugin:
    There is also the free "Duplicator" plugin. This plugin duplicates your entire website, including your media files. This plugin works great! But it depends on your hosting and size of your website on whether it can perform the duplication task. That was the reason why I moved to Migrate DB Pro... my websites outgrew it. But it never hurts to try this free version, especially if your paid versions are not working to accomplish what you need.

    InfiniteWP's Add-on:
    There is also this service from InfiniteWP for their cloning/install add-on.

    I haven't tried their clone add-on, but I have been debating between BackBuddy or InfiniteWP.

    In regard to BackupBuddy:
    I'm sorry to hear the BackupBuddy did not work as it is something I was looking into buying right now. But I guess I will wait on that now and ask them how it performs on multisite and going to look more into InfiniteWP's add-on.

    In regard to WPMU's Snapshot plugin:
    So you know for future reference. "Snapshot" is not built for migration of websites.

    I hope one of these solutions here is sufficient for you!


    Cheers carolsoo!

  • Noahj Champion

    Hi @carolsoo! Just so you know, I have actually went with InfiniteWP's add-on for migrating and cloning sites. It is way better and simpler than the above methods because it is part of the InfiniteWP setup. The cloning/migration process is probably the same steps as backupbuddy or anyone else as well. Their other services I purchased and dived into since your post. You can literally do everything Wordpress from one place, even your localhost setup, if that would help with managing your Multisites, that is if you manage them.

    ManageWP.com is a competitor in this area with InfiniteWP, but they cost more, they aren't self hosted, and less simplistic I think. But, I forgot that they do offer cloning and migration services as well and they came out before InfiniteWP.

    And that's for anyone else who might have the same question.


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