I am not a tech

I am not a tech person. I was excited at the possibility of smushing my pictures with Smush Pro with just one click, but for someone like me this is just too hard to figure out how to install. I think that I should have been able to click upgrade and it upgraded right there on the site or that it should have given me a code to put in or something. I will have to cancel my membership if there is no easy way to install it. It is very frustrating. All of this stuff about BuddyPress and FTP is just to complex for me. Is there any easy way to get this activated? I was going to cancel immediately, but I decided to give this a shot and ask.

  • Alex Stine
    • System Administrator

    Hello Betsy
    Hope you are well today and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I am really sorry you find it confusing to use our products, let me try to guide you in the right direction.
    1. Download our WPMU DEV Dashboard from this link. You will need this plugin to connect your site to our API Servers to download our plugins such as WP Smush Pro.
    2. This plugin should have downloaded as a .zip folder.
    3. Login to WordPress Admin.
    4. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
    5. Select the .zip folder you just downloaded.
    6. Click Install Now.
    7. If the plugin is installed successfully, you will see a page indicating this.
    8. Click Activate to activate the plugin.
    9. In your left sidebar menu in the WordPress Admin, you will see a new menu item. It will be called WPMU DEV, click that to go to the page to login.
    10. Enter your WPMU DEV email and password to login.

    At this point, you should have fully setup the WPMU DEV Dashboard, not for WP Smush Pro.
    1. Login to WordPress Admin.
    2. Go to WPMU DEV > Plugins.
    3. In the search box, type "WP Smush Pro".
    4. You should see the plugin pop up below.
    5. Click INSTALL.
    6. You should see a screen that shows you have installed WP Smush Pro successfully. Click ACTIVATE to activate the plugin.

    If you need further help with setup, please don't hesitate to ask. We are available for you 24/7.

    Have an awesome day! Cheers,
    Alex :smiley:

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