Is this possible? (prepare to get confused)


I am not familiar at all with multisite, but have gotten to grips with Wordpress and think multisite may be able to do something that would be really good for a network I'm building... Here's what I'm thinking (if I can even explain this- be prepared for a load of questions and babble)...

I have 7 'levels' of membership on my network (which is a closed, invite only network). My system works on the 'MyCred' points system, which will grant members the next level when they reach the points threshold, which is displayed in a ranking field on their profile (yet their account is reviewed and approved by an admin member before their 'role' is upgraded in the actual system). I was going to adopt a system where if they are upgraded they have access to new hidden menus and pages that they couldn't visit with their last membership level.

I was thinking, could I clone the website, install each level onto their own subdomain and when the admin approve them they can then gain access to that sub domain (their new higher level)?

I was also thinking could I make it in such a way that each subdomain can see all the data from the levels below from within their subdomain, but not the levels above (for example 1 is the entry level, so level/subdomain 4 can see all data from level/subdomain 4, 3, 2 and 1, but cannot see the data in level/subdomain 5 & 6)?

One last thing is that I'm utilizing the wiki plugin from you guys, is there a way that I can give members at level 1 two weeks free access to this data (on their level 1 subdomain- although the wikis will be stored on the level 3 databases), then require they either pay a monthly fee to view them after the trail period, but automatically becoming free to view when they hit level 3 membership and above? (basically, make them earn loads of points or donate a small fee per month to view them before they reach the higher levels)

I'll be impressed if anyone can make sense of all that haha. Hope WP multisite is capable of doing this!