I am opening another thread since my last one about this

I am opening another thread since my last one about this has been ignored.


I am having a lot of problems getting Q&A to work with Membership. These two plugins do not work well together at all it seems.

I got a very simple set up working for users who are registered, but anything beyond that breaks permissions.

The latest permutation of this is that if I try to access content with a direct link from the role (i.e. non-authenticated public user "Q&A visitor") that has no permissions to see that content, all I get is a header and footer but no page content. I expect to see the "Protected Content" I have chosen in Membership >> Options that invites a person to join the site.

However, using the question categories widget links gets the Q&A visitor (which should not have access) to questions/categories/grammar/ where they can see content that is blocked for visitors. Clicking on the individual question gets them back to the blank page above.

Also, if I go directly to pages specifically blocked to the role Q&A visitor in the access levels settings of Membership, I can see them fine.