I am running a multisite and having some configuration issues.

So basically I have a subdomain based multisite setup, with Events Calendar PRO installed. I am using Blog Template, Ultimate branding, and some other plugins to make the complete process work smoother.

Here is the process.

I want to user to come to the site, and signup, he/she may sign up with a site but the site will need an approval by network admin before it goes live. To make the approval work I tried using Moderate new blogs plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/moderate-new-blogs/ but unfortunately, the plugin did not work as expected. I had it in mu-plugins. The sites went live automatically.

Hence I had to change the settings to only logged in user can create sites, Now I am adding user's manually, and sending them the wp-signup.php URL to create their site after they log in.

With this approach, I have some issues too,

1. The user is when register by N/W admin, receives an email with the password reset URL. After the password is set, the subsite.mainsite.com/wp-admin goes to a redirect loop and gives and errors. But if I change the URL manually to mainsite.com/wp-signup.php it works perfectly fine. How do I fix this?

2. I am using a combination of the various plugin to make it work, and maybe that's causing an issue. Since most of the people are know for their Multisite understanding, I would like if someone would suggest the perfect combination of plugin for access management and hiding unwanted options from the subsite admin, where only super admin can make changes.

I am attaching a screenshot of the plugins I have active.

I would highly appreciate if a support exec. could have a look at the setup dashboard, and suggest what can be done to make a smooth flawless process.


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    Hi Desical,

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    1. The redirect is most like due to lots of plugins that you used to manage the process manually. Make sure you don’t have any plugin/snippet that is causing this infinite loop. Possibly by disabling plugins and enabling one by one and keep checking the process.

    2. I am not sure what exactly you want to protect. However, we have Membership 2 Pro plugin using that you can protect admin pages too and give access to members in specific memberships only.

    Also, its not possible to suggest best possible combination of plugins that would work perfectly in your case. Its because of your requirements and also not all plugins have exact same functionality that you are looking for. You must customize each plugin wisely according to your requirements or write custom code.

    I have one suggestion thought that, instead of manual registration and approval you can use the one of below plugins (I have not tested those on multisite) and send your users website signup link to create the site once approved.



    There is also a gravity form user registration add-on that you can use to manage user registration and then send them to website signup page afterwards.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,


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