I am seeing some pretty crazy things can someone tell me

I am seeing some pretty crazy things can someone tell me about this ultimate facebook connect i never really liked a facebook connect since i have placed a facebook connect it seems my traffic died. I have allowed special permissions as your plugin requires although my site went dead http://www.fluffey.com after this plugin was installed.
Can anyone relate to this matter i am about to restore prior to this plugin i don't understand.
I ran into this same problem on one of my other sites with a FBconnect.

Regards Vinny

  • Vincent

    It works although I am really not happy at all what is the reason for the traffic not coming in no one is signing into fluffey.com it seems they have gone to facebook. Also why do I have to allow special permissions to use this plugin.
    Deactivate it I am going to do away with it. I am also sure uninstalling this is going to leave entries in my admin area phpmyadmin.
    I seen allot of my sites go dead after using a facebook connect.
    Please tell me what's on facebook that's so important why I ask this is because or one concern how dose anyone stand a chance to ever make any type of other network if everyone is connecting to facebook.
    Its a great site mark has done allot of work I am very happy for him although others need work as well. I have 20 domains and have seen no ROI at all.
    Facebook is one domain anyway with that said I would like to take all of my sites and place them into one big site I have three social networks.
    socializegroup.com is phpfox that I hate!~
    friendclass.net is iscripts in that I hate.
    fluffey.com is a custom made theme with wordpress
    and I can say I feel a bit happier using some of my own programming.
    I am not happy at all connecting to another server to update my site.
    Other sites I have are all open source that a programmer and I have made
    Lets face it no matter were you turn today someone else has to help you with something to prosper I was put into this world to prosper as my lord god wants me to I am trying my best. I have seen close to 500 members in one week come into this site fluffey.com I never seen so much traffic on my server's in 7 years. Why would I want my members to sign into facebook.
    I would want them to sign into my site. I am lost!

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