I am setting up a multisite network and wondered what you

I am setting up a multisite network and wondered what you guys normally do about email?
I don't want to use Google Apps in this case because it would be too expensive.
I want each site to be able to have emails eg: me@site1.com - however site1.com will be mapped to site1.mysite.com - and won't have a cpanel...so how do i go about setting up email for my clients?

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    Hi PoshWeb,

    Who is the domain hosted with? Do they not offer an email service? Usually when you register a domain they will offer an email service, even if it's a paid extra.

    If not, you could look at registering a separate hosting package with someone like GoDaddy, or BlueHost etc, then set up an MX entry in your domain DNS to forward your mail to the new hosting package

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    If you're using a VPS you should already have options to add email addresses for any domains that your VPS is handling.

    If your VPS is handling site1.com, then you should be able to add an MX entry pointing to that server for that domain.

    The actual method differs slightly depending on which control panel software you're using (cPanel, Plesk etc) so you may want to google how to set up email accounts for your particular setup... but there certainly shouldn't be any reason to set up a second VPS.

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    But if i add the domain to my VPS and point the "A" record to my VPS' IP (like i would for a stand-alone installation), how then does a browser know that the site is part of my multisite installation? Surely it will resolve to the actual installation won't it?

    Normally for multisite, when i add a subsite i just point the "A" record to my IP and use domain mapping. This means that there is no cPanel for the subsites.
    You are confusing me now!

  • Elliott Bristow
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    Hi PoshWeb,

    You would still point the domain to the IP address using an A record and domain mapping, but email doesn't use the A record, it uses an MX record. For that you need to have your server setup to handle the emails for the domain you are pointing to it.

    For example, if you are using WHMCS you would need to add an account for your new domain and set up mail accounts in that account, then you can point an MX record to your VPS so that the VPS handles the email accounts for that domain name. This would mean that there IS a cPanel account for the subsite, but only for the purposes of handling the email.

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