I am setting up a network (sub-domains) using the Blogs-MU


I am setting up a network (sub-domains) using the Blogs-MU theme on my primary site. I have both buddypress and bbpress installed and network enabled (in that order). I have enabled both sites and user accounts to be registered.

When I am logged out and go to (insidehealthyliving.com/register/), I see the fields to create an account, and have the choice to create a new site, but there is no "Submit" button and I have the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_blogs_subdomain_base() in /home/ihladmin/public_html/wp-content/themes/blogs-mu/registration/register.php on line 193

I have checked line 193 of ...blogs-mu/registration/register.php and it is blank.

Any suggestions?


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    Hi Ari - thanks for the prompt reply. I'm running the latest version of each (BuddyPress 1.8.1 and bbPress 2.5 on WP 3.7.1. Both BuddyPress and bbPress were installed last night from the WP plugin directory through Network Admin --> Plugins --> Add New/

    I have enabled both sites and user accounts to be registered (Network Admin --> Dashboard --> Settings "Both sites and user accounts can be registered" is selected).

    I have also been through the Network Admin settings for Buddypress --> Components, Pages, Settings.

    For Components I have all but site tracking enabled.

    For Pages I have Activity, Groups, Members, Register, Activate.

    For Settings, all boxes are checked (show toolbar for logged out users, allow registered members to delete their own accounts, allow registered members to upload avatars, enable BP to WP syncing, enable group creation for all users, allow activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts).

    I have also installed and network activated bbPress. My intent is to have sitewide and group forums, but I wanted to work through and test the process of having people join the community and/or sign-up for a site (using Pro-Sites) before tackling that.


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    ...and that seems to have done it.

    Now when I am logged out and navigate to the registration page, there is no error message and I registration appears to be functioning properly (complete with a "Complete Sign Up" button).

    Thanks for your help!

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