I am setting up pro sites for a hosting site. My question

I am setting up pro sites for a hosting site. My question is: will customers be able to access their sites via FTP to make customizations? My guess is no. I wanted to know how most people handle this, do you just tell your customers upfront that they do not get cpanel or ftp access? Thanks for your help.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Socialtect!

    There's nothing stopping you from giving users FTP access, but multisite doesn't involve having separate directories for each subsite, so FTP access isn't useful for subsite owners in the traditional way it is for a single site admin. Each of your subsites is virtual, which means there's only one copy of any theme or plugin running on any of your subsites in your network. The only folder that can be accessed via FTP for a subsite (aside from the primary site) is an uploads folder, each subsite will have its own.

    Regardless, you can still give subsite admins access to your FTP account/cPanel, but you'd be showing them the whole farm, not just their own sites.

    Hope this helps!

  • Tom Eagles

    Hi there

    What you could do is create a specific FTP account access to the correct "wp-content/uploads/sites/their <blog_id>/" folder to achive this, you would have to do it manually for each one. this would restrict their access only to the uploads folder unique to their site as Michelle quire rightly mentioned. Other than any customisations they do in the actual theme or plugins they have access to within WP then its impossible.

    To get the correct blog id to setup the ftp for uplaods, go to your wp-admin>sites> hover over the edit link for the site and the blog id will be shown in the status bar bottom left of your screen.

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