I am simply trying to install WP but having lots of issues


I am simply trying to install WP but having lots of issues which I was not having before.

I have uninstalled WP, re-installed, uninstalled, re-installed … still I can’t add my 1st site.

The site is stored on uworlds.co.uk/hotel/amsterdam/ ultimately but I am expecting amsterdamhoteldirectory.info to show me the home page of the site since that is the domain mapping. I was able to install other WP installations before without a problem I am not sure why there may be anything incomplete.

Could some previously installed security plug have messed something up? Everything is deleted entirely in the hosting space so I can’t see how that could be possible?

Do you know why it's asking me to install again, after I have already specified all my settings on the initial install?

I deleted everything because I was hacked and have been in a nightmare week trying to figure out which security plug in to use and all sort of other technical things which has thrown my whole operation.

Do you know why this may be happening? I am hosting with Godaddy but they keep telling me to just uninstall/reinstall but it's not working.

Is this post out out publicly onto the internet? I would prefer it not if possible?