I am SO lost.. I dont understand ANY of this

Please help me. I just downloaded what I think will help me create a website for others to post their items on and sell it. All I keep getting are more downloads & tutorial videos.

  • Divine Artistri
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    I downloaded the Market Place - I paid for the full memership for a year.
    I am unable to open up anything as it is all in script ...

    How do I start designing my site ?
    And can I use any computer to design my site or does it only work on the original computer that I downloaded it on ?

    Help !!

  • aecnu
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    Greetings Divine Artistri,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Thank you for letting us know which it appears to me that you are wanting to create a Market Place in which vendors can contribute their items for sale and/or add their items themselves?

    After seeing your last post it appears that you do not have a Web Host nor a WordPress installation?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Divine Artistri
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    I made a mistake and said Market Place instead of Market Press - it was Market Press that I have downloaded ... for the full year !

    I am currently with Go Daddy but they don't offer the options I am looking for - which is what you decribed above ( being able to have other people come to my site and upload and get paid for their own products) .

    Do I need to sign up for a different Host or download something else to make it work ?

    Thanks Kindly for your help

  • Imperative Ideas
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    Let's clear the basics.

    1. I am hoping you realize what you downloaded is a WordPress plugin. If you didn't realize that, we need to back up a few steps.

    2. If you are ok with this, we need to get WordPress installed. Your license is not bound to any single computer. Once WP is installed, we can talk about getting MarketPress up and running (it really is a great app).

    Basically, we need to figure out where you are in the process in order to begin supporting you effectively.

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    Ok I see where we are at.

    I'm heading to lunch right now but we can help you out with this afterwards.

    Wordpress was originally a blogging platform that grew into a full Content Management Platform. It runs the vast majority of personal, small, and medium sized business websites on the modern internet.

    You can download it at wordpress.org but most web hosts will install it for you.

    I'll give you a much more detailed reply after lunch.

    You didn't waste your money. You probably made a very good choice.

  • Imperative Ideas
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    Ok Divine,

    I can't find a tutorial video that does this justice so I'm going to wing it myself.

    In a few words, WordPress is a platform that effectively separates design, coding, and content. From a coding standpoint, a basic install gives you a system that functions as a website or a blog right out of the box. From a design standpoint, there are thousands of "themes" - some are better than others - that allow you to make your website look like almost anything in the world. From a content standpoint, once these things are in place, someone with zero knowledge of coding or design can maintain the content on the site as though it was a Microsoft Word document.

    A plugin is a program that takes the basic WordPress platform and extends it. Plugins do all sorts of things. A social media plugin, for example, might pull your Twitter feed into a sidebar. It might create a content paywall so that only members can see certain parts of your content. In your case, MarketPress turns WordPress into an online store.

    This is probably all going over your head. That's ok.

    We have two options here. The long path is to get you started with WordPress, to get it installed on your server, and get you familiar with it. That could take some time and there is a bit of a learning curve. Setting up your MarketPress plugin is another learning curve. Thankfully, there is a generally inexpensive job market for this sort of stuff.


    Go there and post what you have in mind. Tell the people there that you have purchased MarketPress but you have never used WordPress or installed a plugin. Explain what you want it to do and with a little bit of patience, you should find someone who can set it up for you at a very good price.

    You can learn as you go.

    You have picked a great plugin and an excellent platform but it'll be a while before you are able to REALLY learn how it works.

    If you want to experiment a bit on your own, the one-click install instructions for GoDaddy are here:


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    A quick side note.

    Other online stores that are pure commerce do exist. Something like PrestaShop is an easy setup.

    A word of caution though: The idea you have to allow other people to upload products and sell them starts to get a bit advanced. You are treading into OpenCart or Magento territory there and that stuff is free to install but very expensive to configure.

    Ask some questions in the job market for MarketPress. There will be compromises. Nothing is ever going to do everything you want right out of the box. With a bit of luck & a bit of effort though, hopefully we can get you close.

  • Divine Artistri
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    Thank You for your time - I am still confussed as to what I am suppossed to do though ... maybe you can explain it in more dumbed - down terms as I am not to computer savy and need a bit more direction in easier language.

    What is the next step I need to take ?
    Do I need to download Word Press and if so where do I go to do that and will that mean I can start designing my site ?
    I see that you mentioned something about GoDaddy, but I am with them right now and they said they don't offer the kind of service that I am looking for on my webisite so that's why I'm looking elsewhere to upgrade my current site, so why would I be going through them ?

    I guess my understanding was that if I downloaded the full membership and MarketPress program, that I would be able to create the website I want .... it did not indicate that I would have to keep downloading so much other stuff and jump through hoop after hoop - the way it's advertised it makes you think that if you pay for the full package you get everything you need to get started - FRUSTRATING to say the least !

  • Imperative Ideas
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    Hello Divine,

    It is almost 1am in California so I'll be signing off soon but I wanted to get a reply out to you.

    It sounds like you have not yet developed the technical skills to get this installed on your own. have you considered hiring a developer? I linked you to the WPMU jobs forum where you can find someone to do what you need for a very competitive price.


    If you cannot hire someone to help you then things are going to be a bit of a struggle the next few weeks but we can still get you online eventually.

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