I am starting an ecommerce site for a client… after mcuh

Hi, I am starting an ecommerce site for a client… after mcuh review… marketpress didn’t havet he needed features and woocommerce was too expenseive for all the features… so decvided on jigoshop… can someone please recommend the best responsive shop themes with good theme support and longevity to go with jigo cause I heard it can be difficult with some themes.

  • Tyler Postle
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    Hey there Emex,

    We keep running into eachother :p

    I’ve personally never used Jigoshop so won’t be much help there, perhaps some members here who have could chime in with their experience :slight_smile:

    Which features did you need for MarketPress? I think I’ve seen some in the recent posts of yours; however, I was wondering if you could list them here then I could see if there is any way we could make it work for ya.

    Look forward to hearing back Emex!



  • aristath
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    Hello again @Emex Online,

    If your client wants everything on that list then perhaps they simply don’t know what they want?

    NOBODY, and I really mean nobody has ever launched an e-commerce site that has everything. Not even Amazon!

    The best solution depends on what they will focus on.

    If they wish to build a marketplace OR use WordPress multisite, then MarketPress is the way to go.

    If they plan to only have downloadable products then I’d recommend they use Easy Digital Downloads.

    If they want a simple shop with no multisite support but great themes then WooCommerce is great.

    As for the rest, there’s also Jigoshop and WP eCommerce but again it depends on what your client’s focus will be.

    Each plugin is good at some things and hasn’t focused so much on other things so the trick is to find the one that suits your use case.

    I’d recommend you start by talking to your client and finding out what their focus will be. Once you find that out, you’ll be able to select the e-commerce plugin that suits them and start building the basic functionality around it.

    Start taking features off that list and see what you come up with. If for example your customer is not in the US they might not care about address validation. Do they really need UPS, USPS, Freshdesk, FreshBooks, FastBill, QuickBooks, Zapier and S3? I’m sure they don’t! at least not most of those.



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