CustomPress + Gravity Forms

I am testing using Gravity Forms (GF) to create a front-end tool to let users submit custom posts (in “pending review” mode) via CustomPress (CP).

I add the post type and a selection of fields in CP, and then I go over to Gravity Forms and try to add the entry field for each of the CP fields there using the Custom Field button, but the fields I’ve added via CP are not showing up.

If I try to force a connection by using “New” field in GF and the paste the name of the new custom field (“Field ID”:wink: generated by CP and in to the GF box for New Custom Field, it still doesn’t connect to the new field created via CP. (I was hoping I could convince the two to talk nicely by using the same field ID in both places.)

This all works as expected when using the Types and More Fields plugins (i.e. new custom fields created by using Types and More Fields show up as expected in GF), but I was hoping to use CustomPress instead. And yes, I have deactivated Types and More Fields so I can try out CP, and I have been using discrete names for everything to prevent conflicts.

Oddly enough, I was having the same issue with PODS, hence the switch to Types. I was hoping CP would work better…has some advantages, I think?

When I check in at the Gravity Forms list, the submission appears there (and is sent to me in an auto-email as per my GF settings), but when I look at the custom post type’s entry list, nothing appears there, so the connection between the two isn’t happening.

I saw several other people have posted the same question in here, but no-one seems to have either found or shared a solution; there are just a lot of abandoned-and-closed discussions on the topic, therefore your help on this renewed topic is much appreciated.