I am trying to create a 4×4 image gallery, but I want to keep the 4×4 layout for all screen sizes

I am a relative new-comer to WordPress. I am using the twenty thirteen theme. I have set up a 4×4 image gallery using the Media Grid plugin. Here is a link to the page:


It is my intention to use this image gallery as a menu/navigation tool that will allow the user to select a team logo that will re-direct the user to that team’s information.

I want to keep the 4×4 layout, even as the screen size shrinks, but I do not know how to turn off (or override) the responsive characteristics.

If you re-size the screen to be smaller, the 4×4 grid will become a 3×5 grid. Making the screen even smaller will cause the grid to become a 2×7 grid. I don’t want the grid to change.

I want it to always be a 4×4 grid.

The individual images are 240px x 240px, so they might only be seen full size on a large monitor. That is fine with me.

I also realize that the 4×4 media gallery will be smaller on an Iphone (and will probably look like the ios menu buttons), and that is what I am seeking. I need to figure out how to maintain the 4×4 grid (and then make sure each image is at least 50px x 50px on the smallest screen so as to allow touch gestures by the user.)

Does anyone know if there is a specific plugin that will accomplish this goal? Or is the fact that I am looking for proportional sizing of each image(but not the responsive reorganization of the information on the screen) something that can be accomplished without the use of a plugin?

Thank you for any help or advice you can provide.