I am trying to get a list of members(users) that have


I am trying to get a list of members(users) that have a certain membership.
I can find out how to get the number of members using $membership->get_members_count(). Is there a way to find the members without looping through all the users?

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  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Cristina,

    Are you just wanting to see them for yourself? In that case, it would be easiest to go to: Membership 2 > Members and then across the top you can select a specific membership and it will only show the members of that membership :slight_smile:

    Or are you wanting to display a list on your frontend? I could ask the developer if there is an easy way to do that included in the code. They aren't online at the moment so it may take a little time for a response if we go that route.

    Look forward to hearing back!


  • Philipp Stracker
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Christina,

    you are right, this function would be useful!
    I'll make sure it is added into the next update of M2 (coming this week)

    It will be $membership->get_members() and return a list of MS_Model_Member objects.

    Thank you for the suggestion, Philipp :slight_smile:

    p.s. I'll mark the thread as resolved for now. If you find anything missing or something else to look at after the update please let us know!

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