I am trying to hide Top Menu

I am trying to hide the top menu on my clients website. Here is the URL http://www.arcworkdesign.com/

If you highlight the top part of the home page you can see I have colored the link black so it is hidden, but I really want to remove it completely. The link in the black area is hidden under the title (.).

Please advise. WordPress is populating all my links when I don’t choose a top menu, so I chose a top menu and put this one page in it. I then titled the page with a period, so it was nearly hidden naturally. i truly just want no top menu populated so I just have the menu below the top image.

Of course the thing I am trying to do is put an image right justified above the menu. I did not know how to do that, so I hid the main menu and inserted a lower menu with a menu above it.