I am trying to import 5 items and it only gets the latest one in the feed

I created my own RSS feed for my base of customers.

We use multisite and I added the plugin to the network and then activated it on one blog

I created the Auto Blog Feed and set it to get 5 posts, I did not set a start or end date, did set it to process ‘Every day’.

I did the processing and it got one blog entry and then stopped. I thought maybe it was because my feed had the most recent entry first in the feed and worked backwards in time. So I changed the feed so the newest ones were last. I then tested the feed again and it says “I have already imported the first post in the feed” and stops.

I then tried deleting this post from the blog and tried again same result.

I changed the URL for the feed and tried again same result.

Deleted the Auto Blog feed and re-added it, same result.

Tried setting the Start date to a year in the past, same result.

How do I get this to grab 5 posts and then in the future just add the new ones as they are added?