I am trying to map domains. I have been following several

I am trying to map domains.
I have been following several different documentations with no luck.

The site I work on is labtronics.com.au and the site i want to map is located at http://culturelaboraotry.labtronics.com.au

The domain to be is http://culturelaboratory.org

Clicking on culturelaboraotry.labtronics.com.au as you can see leads to an empty server look alike (I would expect to be looking like another sub domain I plan to map in the future http://precisionrefrigeration.labtronics.com.au/ which shows at the moment twentythirteen)

The empty server 'look a like' happen after short chat with hostgator customer service - they did it for me after all I got for http://culturelaboraotry.labtronics.com.au AND http://culturelaboraotry.labtronics.com.au/wp-admin was 403 error.

More info,
Clicking inside wordpress dashboard on the site Culture Laboratory leads to 404 page.
(Clicking inside wordpress dashboard on another site I plan to map in the future, the one mentioned above, leads to normal wp backend.)

The host is HostGator.

In cPanel I have set 'wildcard', added the domain culturelaboratory.org and was crossing my fingers really hard.

In wordpress mu I was setting the server ip but cant go and visit the http://culturelaboraotry.labtronics.com.au backend for unknown reason. (at this url http://culturelaboraotry.labtronics.com.au/wp-admin i get 404.php)

confused... I am too... Please you help.