I am trying to set up my membership levels & pages. I have

I am trying to set up my membership levels & pages. I have set up about 4 so far but I don't think they are working correctly. I will use 1 as an example, Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan, we'll call it HELP! :o)

First I set up the page HELP with a welcome message & an opt in form for my mailchimp list which I want people to pay for access to. Easy.

Now I go about setting up HELP in the access levels & subscription plans.

In access levels I have named the plan & dragged the pages element over & checked the box next to my new HELP page. Cool!

Subscriptions plans. I add HELP, a description, pricing, I drag the HELP element over & set it to 'indefinite' for a year then click 'update' I then go back to my page armed with the HELP shortcode to make the optin form 'protected' ok cool so we should be good to go.

I open my site in IE & navigate to the HELP tab where I am greeted with the content protection page I set up in options. Great, so far so good! I click the button to go to sign up for the HELP plan, I fill in the registration form then go to paypal, I pay the fee, yaaay this is going great, I pay & get returned to the site on th be refused access to anything. I am sent to http://www.mysite.com/protected

I am aware that this is possibly something stupid & easy to fix but I have checked & double checked all my settings, pages etc & can't seem to see what I'm doing wrong.

Any advice/ insight will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
Robert Griffiths