I am using a free plugin the events calendar

I am using a free plugin the events calendar https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/the-events-calendar/

I am wanting to show / hide a specific element

Normally I would just use the page id css but this plugin doesn't use a shortcode that you place on a page, you just specify a url/page so I am not sure how to get the page id so I can target css for this page where my calendar is located:

Normally I would hover over the "edit" button and it shows me the page id.
Once before someone here showed me another way to target a specific page but I don't remember how?

I can go to the developer for help but they mention they only monitor the forum on Wednesdays so hopefully someone here has an easy answer?

I want to display .tribe-events-before-html on this page:

But HIDE .tribe-events-before-html if you click on an event in the calendar from the previous page.
The event urls always start with:
http://keoghhealth.org/new/event/ followed by the title such as:

Thanks for any tips !!!