I am using a security plugin which renames my login URL

I am using a security plugin which renames my login URL to domain.com/abcd (not the actual URL). It's a great security plugin and has been serving me well with an almost total drop in hack attempts by bots.

The problem is that I have just installed and am running Pro Sites. However, when the login is executed, it directs to /wp-admin instead of /abcd. This, of course, is a big deal. I don't want to be forced into turning off my renaming plugin, so I have shut off Pro Sites until I can have someone tell me how to fix this issue.

To be frank, I am using Pro Sites because it allows me to designate all of my customers as allowed to run unfiltered HTML. If you guys had a "lite" version of Pro Sites that did just this, I would use it because I really don't need the extra functions of this plugin. I just need it for my trusted customers (all of them--who pay handsomely to post whatever embedded video code they want).

So, if there was some way to avoid having wp-admin be a part of the equation or a way to strip out all unneeded functionality of Pro Sites except unfiltered HTML, I would love to know as soon as possible. Thank you.