I am using membership I need to give a 50% discount on the first month only. How do I do this with c

Hi I have one level set and the subscription set to £97 per 1 month.

I want to give say £50 off for the first month only. With coupon it gives it off the full subscription duration. Any ideas how best to achieve this?

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    Hi David as far as I know the coupon on a monthly billing cycle only applies the discount to the first month. Can you confirm its actually applying it to the second month.

    In case it is one of my colleagues suggested this.

    set up a subscription for the first month as finite (1 month) and on the same subscription have another level that then is the recurring one, that way, when the first month expires, they’ll need to pay to gain access again, but then it will be monthly and they’ll only have the first month at the discounted rate if that makes sense?

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    The solution @tom gave is the way to do it.

    The setup is – have the subscription set up with the first level as a finite period of 1 month then have the same level next on the subscription with a serial period of 1 month. Both have the same price set, so as far as the system is concerned it’s an initial payment and then a recurring payment of x.

    Next, set up your coupon so that it only applies to finite periods. This will then only discount the first month.

    If you are using a gateway that handles recurring payments (paypal express) then the subscription will be set up correctly and they won’t have to enter their payment details again.

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