I am using Paypal as my domain registration method (using


I am using Paypal as my domain registration method (using eNom).

How does the renewal process works?


Does it renew automatically?

Does it send out an email to the client about domain expiry?

Does the client get billed automatically via Paypal?

I need some light on this process


  • aristath
    • Recruit

    How do you propose we manage this process in the meanwhile?

    If your client registered the site using our plugin, then they won’t have to renew it for another year! We’ll have that ready well before that happens… from what I know the developer of the plugin is already working on that. I have notified him about your post as well so they can provide some more info if necessary.



  • Danie
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi there

    Could someone please explain to me how the domain registration process works?

    I have setup eNom and in eNom I have set my default A-Records to my site IP. I have whitelisted my site/ip and I managed to update all the settings in the Domain Mapping Settings. I have tested the domain lookup and it works.

    Furthermore, I have set up my payment gateway as : Pro Sites PayPal payment gateway. I did this because I don’t have an SSL certificate and also because my client already paid with Paypal.

    When I test the domain registration now, it opens Paypal, I pay and it transfers me back to the backend of the site. It displays a message that the domain was mapped to this specific domain.

    But… Nothing happened. There was no domain registered at eNom. I did not get any email or notification of this.

    Please help me to understand how this process works.


  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello again Danie,

    To be honest I don’t know all the details about eNom… I’ve tried playing with it and I got the message User not permitted from this IP address – 4 so I haven’t had the chance to thoroughly examine this.

    The plugin developer is away right now and will be back in 3 days, would you mind wating till he gets here? He’ll know all the details about it.



  • Eugene Manuilov
    • Syntax Hero

    hi @danie

    Have you enabled API requests log on your network before doing that test? If yes, could you please look at your requests log and see if there are any failed requests. If there are, then could you tell me what they are?

    If you haven’t enabled requests log, could you please enable it and reproduce the process? After it, check your log and let me know what do you have there.



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