I am using the 'buddypress multi network' plugin

I am using the 'buddypress multi network' plugin by buddydev which segregates each subsite bp community so each has it's own network... and it was working well BUT... I went to a few sites and went into the "tools" section on the dashboard and went into the buddypress section and hit repair data for:
Count friends for each user
Count groups for each user
Count total members
Repair user "last activity” data

Now the 'buddypress multi network' stopped working on those sites and each site I did that on now displays the whole network rather than just the subsite's members.

Luckily new sites I create work fine but I really need to fix the current subsites.

I'm assuming that if I deactivate BP and remove the necessary tables I'll be able to re-activate BP and the old sites will be like new sites. WHICH TABLES DO I NEED TO REMOVE?