Custompress attachments in Directory


I am using Wordpress with the Directory plugin + Custompress to create a community-contributed-and-managed directory.

As part of each listing, I want to allow users to optionally attach a file.

* Is this possible and is it possible to restrict the types of files uploaded?
* Can the files then be downloaded from the listing page?


  • aristath
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    Hello there @Chingy, I hope you're well today!
    First of all, have you installed BOTH the Directory and the CustomPress plugin?
    If you have, then please deactivate the CustomPress plugin.
    It is already included in Directory so keeping a separate plugin in your installation is not a good practice.

    As for attaching files, can't you use the already existing WordPress media? Using this method you can simply upload your files, put them wherever you want in your content etc...

    Please advise,

  • Tom Eagles
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    The only way to do this without custom coding it would be to create a custom field which you can do in the directory plugin, this would contain the link to the image that they upload as @aristah suggested, Other than that you would have to custom code the entry form if you wanted to do uit in one process.


  • Chingy
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    @aristah - Yep sorry should have clarified, I'm using Directory plugin (WITH CustomPress pre-included).

    Hi, I think its being a bit misinterpreted sorry, here is some more info on scope...

    I have a directory website where USERS can sign up for free and submit listings for types of dogs.

    To do so, USERS will create listings and publish them with the categories and tags etc. But what I also what to do, is to allow them to attach some files.
    So for example, there may be 3 attachment options, where I want them to upload a pdf, an image file, and a text file.

    I then want to have these files visible and downloadable on the listing, so that VISITORS can download the files from the listing page.

  • Chingy
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks @aristath

    Yeah we're not looking to upload files via the media uploader of the listing - but rather a CustomPress field so that we can be more flexible with it, plus it would be clearer for users.

    Plus we want to limit/restrict the files they upload.

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