I am very torn i love this site but marketpress is so

I am very torn i love this site but marketpress is so bland. I am trying o find themes for it because the themes from this website are so outdated and upfront does not work with it yet. There is nothing for wordpress marketpress i have searched for hours. It is getting to the point where i just want to use woocommerce because of how many different themes and plugins are available. Does WPMUDEV allow third party developers to integrate with marketpress? if not my next question is why? if that was allowed there would be a lot more out there for customers and they would be a lot happier. If the prroduct is good enough they will stay, im afraid my patience is running out, i just cannot stand the blockish style of the products page, it looks like basic html and it is almost impossible to match it with your css. There should be options such as being able to choose options for the gridsize of the page or choosing the colors of the buttons. The way the images look on the page are so outdated and if individual product pages keep showing the date as if it were a blog post i am completely going to woocommerce, has development died for this plugin or am i just crazy