I am working on a new MarketPress installation and things

I am working on a new MarketPress installation and things are going well except for the fact that the cart doesn’t seem to be working properly. You can add an item and it won’t immediately show up, if you add multiple items they will start showing up. Then when you delete an item it says it deleted it, however if you click cart again the item will reappear.

It is becoming quite frustrating.

  • dean_piper
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    In addition to that it seems as if the items that reappear really aren’t there. It will show the image and the total with final price, but if you try to checkout it says there is nothing in the cart. If you click on the Shopping Cart link from the automatically generated menu you will immediately go back to the cart and see the items again.

    I’m using the SimpleMarket theme.

  • Alexander
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    Hi there @dean_piper,

    Would you mind providing a link to the site? I can take a look and try some things out to see what could be going on.

    MarketPress uses AJAX for the cart to prevent the need for reloading the page. So I suspect you might be having some javascript issues. Can you check the javascript console for errors? In Chrome go to “View -> Developer -> Javascript Console” and in Firefox you can go to “Tools -> Web Developer -> Console”

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

    Best regards,

  • dean_piper
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    Thank you for getting back to me. I am noticing a ton of issues with the use of http and https throughout as well and due to the fact that I can’t do volume based shipping, I think I’m just going to abandon the installation.

    Just to note, I was getting a ton of errors on the cart page using the link in the menu that MarketPress generates. Several scripts were blocked because they were not https. Then if you force the page to display http the errors go away but the incorrect items are in the cart. I have also tried forcing https for the entire site and it gets even buggier. It just seems very inconsistent throughout the installation, where as all my other pages and functions work properly whether or not I force https.

    To me, only being 5-10 products into my installation and to be having so many major problems, it seems not worth it. Especially considering it can’t do what I need for shipping. I can easily start over with a different solution.

    I appreciate the time! I think we can just close this one for now.

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