I am working with the Membership Pro plugin however,

I am working with the Membership Pro plugin however, I am currently using the IPN notification for another plugin. Is it necessary to setup the IPN? Also, if so is there anyway to have to IPNs with one PayPal account? Have any other customers had this problem. Thanks!

  • Patrick
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    Hi there @Julius

    I hope you're well today!

    The Membership plugin does indeed require the IPN to be notified when members cancel their subscriptions.

    However, PayPal allows only one IPN listener per account, and you cannot have more than one account (unless you have multiple business entities in which case you can create a separate account for each of them).

    So if you need to set up multiple IPNs, you would need a custom-coded solution like this example:

    Please let us know if this helps, and don't hesitate to post again if you need to.

  • Julius
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    So if we don't need the cancel feature, I don't have to use the IPN feature. Is it necessary to use the plugin. We would like to use the plugin to simply collect membership dues and to run reports. We aren't interested in a person has cancelled their membership or not.

    Make sense?

  • Sajid
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    Hi @Julius! Welcome back :slight_smile:

    While Patrick is busy with something else, I decided to jump and provide some information :slight_smile:

    Its not required only on cancellation of membership.

    PayPal IPN is also required to get notified when member completed their transaction on PayPal to activate the membership and also if its recurring membership then we still need IPN to be setup properly.

    Hope its clear, if I am of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

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