I bascially had

I bascially had to manually subscribe 318 people because the forms/reg/act pages are not working. Not sure what I did wrong but when I try to fix anything it stops everyone from having access and madness ensues. Ladies are flipping the crap out so I need to fix the forms so people can register, log in and out and see their account. Once I'm good there i need to add payment options but right now I just need them to have access to log in and act info. I've added all the plugins I thought I could need but then the content protect locked everyone out again. So...yeah...I'm a hot mess. Help!

  • viobru

    Hi, June!

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    I found that you have another membership plugin installed on your site (Ultimate Member), but because there's no integration with it and Membership Pro 2 it is not possible to connect the UM plugin to any membership created using M2.

    I see M2's 'Content Protection' is set to be disabled, so that's causing M2's Account and Registration pages to appear in blank. UM's Account page appears in blank because there's no content in it (it seems that UM shortcodes are missing on that page), and M2's Account and Registration pages appear in blank because M2's Content Protection is disabled.

    I also see that the link you have active on your menu for Register redirects to the UM's Register page. I've checked it and when you use this every new user is only registered as a WP user (not related to any membership).
    Referring to this, in order to add a registered user to a membership, it is possible by going to M2's 'All Members' tab and doing it manually.

    Can you please give me more information about how did you manually subscribe the users on your site? Did you follow this procedure or another one?

    I look forward to receiving your response.



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