I Built An Upfront Template Builder

Well... almost :slight_smile:

I threw together some code that uses Upfronts' inbuilt functions to turn the Json object stored in the database to the PHP code you need to add to a custom layout (it's not pretty but it seems to work so I thought I'd share it).

I haven't got round to messing about with global properties and styles and such yet but if I write the helper code I'll add it online also.


Warning: This assumes you generally know what you are doing already. Use at your own risk.

1. Make page in upfront and save it
2. In plugin add the page name as it appears in the databse minus the storage key (i.e. storage key is something like "Spririt" so it will be like "single-page-123" that you enter)
3. Select the regions that you want to be generated into php and hit export.
4. Paste the code into your layout file.

Here is the plugin: https://github.com/GuerrillaCoder/Upfront-Template-Builder