I bulk smushed all

Hi, I bulk smushed all my blog images over the last 2 days, all 5000 plus as my google score was low as I had so many large images. I am however concerned that my images don;t look as good as some of the canva images I now try to upload with lines on etc, don't seem to upload properly. Is there a way to smush them less? and to recitfiy the huge smush I did?

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Karen,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    Under Media > WP Smush you can configure smush settings, using super-smush will optimize your images more but it shouldn't have much affect how images look on your site.

    If you had "Resize original images" option enabled and set it to resize images to for example 1000x1000 pixels but you have places on your site that is using larger images than that it will stretch those images in order to populate the holder and that could cause loss in quality.

    About restoring previous images, if you had "Make a copy of my original images" option enabled your images will be saved in your uploads folder and will have .bak in their name so you can remove images without that extension and rename the ones with .bak to restore them.

    Best regards,

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