I can find in Manuals I can use on my blog

Hello there @Mariusz, I hope you're well today!

I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you mean...
What is it that you want to do? Copy-paste the text from our manuals in your blog and present them as articles?

Please advise,

# Posted 3 hours ago


yes, I would like to use your instructions as a content on my blog and hide them under passoword if someone opt in to my list I will show them what is really possible with your plug ins and sell them.


  • aristath

    @Mariusz please do NOT create duplicate posts...
    There are lots of people posting to these forums and we have to attend to each and every post.
    A 3 hour delay is NOT something you should be concerned about.
    I have not forgotten about it, I just have to answer to other posts at the same time, fix client sites etc.

    Posting multiple posts about the same issue can only make our work more difficult as we try to answer to all posts in a timely fashion.

    I am closing this issue.


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