I Cannot get your products to work on my blog

I'm sorry, I tried pressing reply to my original question & could not seem to - so I copied & pasted my original question & your answers and my reply here:

Hi. The Plugins are showing up on my dashboard, but when I try to "Create New" - they do not show up on my site. Yes, I have a premium theme by WooThemes. I tried to use "Pop Over" and a Youtube Widget.


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Reply by: Michael Bissett

Hey @Colleen, hope you're doing well today. :slight_smile:
I just purchased your products, but they are not showing up on my wordpress site.
Could you clarify what you mean by "they are not showing up on my WordPress site"? Are they not showing up in the Plugins section inside your Dashboard?
I do have a premium wordpress site, by Woo Themes. Does your product integrate with that?
Did you mean to say that you have a premium theme by WooThemes? Just want to make sure of that before we proceed. :slight_smile:
Also, which product(s) are you referring to?
Please advise,