I cannot install Membership2 Pro (from Membership free)


I try to install Membership2 Pro since 1 week but it doesn't work.
I have Membership (free plugin) already installed. It works well but I want to have access to all the services of Membership2 Pro... that's why I bought the plugin...

I know that I have to upgrade to Membership Pro then to Membership2 Pro but when I try to do this I have a 404 error page.
And sometimes the problem is that the directory ".../membership" already exists !

I have already lost I week of subscription... I need help...

For your information : I have 3000 members with 3 subscription plans I don't want to lose any information... Everything has to be import in the new version... and the upgrade has to have no impact on the members.


  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @AAE ISUP! :slight_smile:

    Just as an opening note, when it comes to the migration from Membership to Membership 2 Pro, this is the information that'll be migrated:

    - Subscription Plans (without level rules; you'll need to set up new protection rules)
    - Members
    - Registrations (link between Members and Subscription Plans; your members will still have their subscriptions)
    - Transactions

    I would also create a backup of your site before the transfer, just to be safe (I see that you have a backup plugin already there, good job!). :slight_smile:

    With that mentioned, let's begin. :slight_smile:

    After deactivating Membership inside of your site's Dashboard, you'll want to log in to your site via FTP, and rename the /membership folder inside of:


    To something like /membership-old, so that it has a different folder name.

    Then, I would go and install our Membership 2 Pro plugin using the 1-click install functionality inside our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin. When visiting the admin page, don't worry about the fact that you're starting from the beginning, you'll just need to create a level in order to complete the initial startup process (since we're installing Membership 2 Pro as a new plugin, instead of upgrading directly from an older plugin).

    Once you've got that level set up, you'll want to go to:

    Membership 2 -> Settings -> Import Tool

    And choose the "Membership (WPMU DEV)" option in the "Import data" section, afterwards clicking on "Preview Import". Once the page reloads, click on the "Import" button, and you'll have your Membership data imported. :slight_smile:

    And at this point, you should now have Membership 2 Pro set up on your site!

    In the event that something should go awry (which it shouldn't), and you find yourself needing to re-enable the free version of Membership, you can just disable Membership 2 Pro, rename it's folder via FTP to something like /membership-2, and then rename /membership-old back to /membership, afterwards re-enabling Membership Free.

    Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Michael Bissett

    Hold up! If any of your subscriptions are serial subscriptions, you will not want to upgrade just yet.

    We discovered a bug with upgrading serial subscriptions from Memberhip Free (as well as Membership Pro), where the renewal date isn't carried over. Wanted to let you know about that beforehand, as you said that you have a lot of subscribers here. :slight_smile:

    We're working on getting this sorted out, I'd advise holding off until you hear back.

    Kind Regards,

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