I can't access my website after a migration


I migrated this website (suetravels.com / becauseitsthere.wpmudev.host) to siteground 5 days ago. I am trying to access this site on wpmudev but I can’t. I also can’t restore a backup. I have not deleted or changed anything on wpmudev – only exported it to siteground. Can you help me access it and also restore a back up from 21st May.

When I try to access wp-admin it is still taking me to suetravels even though all the dns settings have been deleted from wpmudev. They are now pointing to siteground. I can’t even give you access since I can’t access the site.

Currently I am doing a restore but it seems to be stuck and has been spinning for the last 30 minutes with an error message keeping popping up saying the cookie noune is invalid. I have included the DNS settings from siteground to show they are not pointing to wpmudev. On my hosting panel there is only becauseitsthere.wpmudev.host showing.

Second question. I really need to grab the smartcrawl data (keywords, meta) not settings and migrate them over to the site of siteground. The site is identical. Is this possible. The normal export route via smartcrawl only exports settings, but not data.

Can you please help me and restore the wpmudev version of the website here so I can still access the original website. And also somehow extract that smartcrawl data in any way.

Thank you.