I can't add subsites

I setup a Multisite WordPress install, but when I try to add new subsites, it shows this message "Could not create site."

  • Ash

    Hello neptunes

    Would you please check if you have given us the correct cpanel information? I am asking because when I make any changes in the code that doesn't take any effect. Even I tried to make a fatal error on purpose, but the site was still running.

    Would you please check again and let me know? Or is there any specific path where the site is installed?

    I have also noticed one thing, not sure if it is related to your server or my connection. I have found the site down once in every five refreshes approximately.

    Please let us know and I will check further.

    Have a nice day!


  • neptunes

    So i have been emailing. I guess I have to go through this process.

    Someone last night was fiddling with my site disabling plugins and left it crashed and down. I dont know who decided to do that but that was not helpful. I didn't get a log of what was done or even a message saying hey your site is now down.

    For some reason neptune multisite isnt working properly while the seedasaurus is... This is very frustrating. I would like to have you guys stop working on my site because you guys are not even giving me a courtesy heads up that my site plugin core was disabled and left my site in ruins.

    I will go via chat support and be online along with one of your support agents to fix this issue. Thank you for no longer messing with my sites backend. Very upset that no one even messaged me or put the site back to how it was.

  • Ash

    Hello neptunes

    Sorry for the confusion and to know that you had issues.

    I have mentioned in my first reply that I could not work on your site, I could not proceed much. Usually, the first thing we do is to enable debug log to find if there is any error. So, when I enabled debug log and I found nothing is logged. That's why I said the following:

    because when I make any changes in the code that doesn't take any effect

    When debug can't be generated we can't proceed further, because whatever wrong happens on your site is logged on the debug file.

    And then, I had a doubt, I have made a change on purpose on wp-config.php file to make an error, but the site was still running. So I was not sure if I am looking at right site's cpanel. In those cases, we never go for further troubleshooting as we are not sure about the site. So, I reverted the changes from wp-config.php and left the site as it was.

    Again, I apologize for the confusion, I will also talk to the team if anyone else logged in your system.

    As a side note about your email changes, you have to make the change from your account page here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/hub/account/

    In the Details section on left column, you can change your email address. Have a nice day!


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