I can't change the Site Upload Space Quota

I am trying to increase the upload quota for the root site and I can't get a change to stick. I want to increase it to 500Mb. I go to site settings and scroll down to the Site Upload Space Quota and put a number in it. Then I hit the Save Changes button. I scroll back down and it's empty again. I've tried a dozen times with different numbers and nothing changes. It works on other sites, just not the root site.

I'm not running Prosites. It stays at the network default settings and if I change those, then it changes on the main site. I just can't change it manually so I can put the default size back where I want it.

I also can't get rid of the WooCommerce settings even though I've disabled it and all related plugins to it.

I've got it setup for support access and the URL is network-247.com

Diane Merriam