I can't create groups in buddypress

I had create one group in buddypress but i had deleted it.
Now i can't re-create another groups.

Thanks in advance for the tips.

  • Saunt Valerian
    • The Bug Hunter

    After checking on what Arun mentioned, you should activate the default BP theme and deactivate other plugins and try creating a group. If the component settings are correct, then it should work fine in BP-Default with no plugins activated. If it doesn't work, try deactivating and reactivating the plugin.

    Once you determine that it works in the simplest, most basic setup. Then you need to do what I call the plugin dance. Activate 1 plugin at a time (or a small number of plugins, I do 5 or 10 because I have a site with about 65 plugins) and test the group creation. As you go through the process, when you find it doesn't work, test against that one plugin to confirm.

    These are a good number of steps to follow to troubleshoot it. If you don't get it working through all that, then post again and we can continue to help.

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