I can't edit my membership page.


My subscription membership options are supposed to show up here:


but only this shows up:


Please choose a site to Upgrade or Modify:

Modify “ModrnStore” (http://modrnstore.com) – Not Membership

It doesn’t have a tag so it’s empty. After the colon ‘:’

/[Modify “ModrnStore”/

is blue and clickable and it takes me to:


where I can see, what I believe is the content that is supposed to be in:


When I’m in the Network Admin Mode and hit Edit Checkout page on the Pro Site settings it’s completely blank. It should show what’s in:


How can I edit what’s in


In that page it says:

/Your Subscription Information


Expire Date: October 14, 2012

Please choose your desired plan then click the checkout button below./

Why isn’t there a level, and what expires on the 14th?

Why isn’t the free trial option not there?

Also my coupon, MVP1 doesn’t work. Is it because I’m in PayPal’s sandbox mode?

I’m willing to set up an admin account for anyone that’s willing to help!

By the way when all this is sorted out how do I add more rows/columns?