I can't find a plugin that creates proper video sitemaps

As I understand it, video sitemaps (or sitemaps that include video information) tell search engines where your videos are located on your site. Duh, right? Everyone stops caring since Google says "don't worry about them since we sitemap everything for you". What they mean is - "don't worry, we will take all of the traffic to YouTube for you!".
I want a way to host video - one video per page or post for proper SEO - and I want it optimized for search engines. Currently, I have to create a video sitemap by hand and submit it. I am trying to get rich snippets that show my domain as the host INSTEAD of YouTube.com (sorry for yelling).
Don't dismiss this idea quickly (like most people are tempted to do) - if you research it, you will see an enormous hole in SEO and sitemaps. This simple plugin will deliver organic listings in the video section that point directly to the desired domain instead of to YouTube.