I can't get domain maping to work on this site whereas


I can't get domain maping to work on this site whereas I have it working fine on another similar site on a different server.

I tried CNAME and A record maps from various sub domains into it but I still get the DNS verification error.

The site where I have it working has a dedciated ip so I put one on this site too, figuring that would resolve the issue, but it doesn't.

The dedicated ip on the working site resolves to the WP install and shows the site whereas this one does not resolve to the site. I asked the hosting guys to point the dedicated ip at the site but they say that is not possible and when I showed them the one that does that they don't know how it is working..! So I'm a bit stuck here...

Any help appreciated.

The set-up is a sub directory network, and so is the workig one where I have successfully mapped in tlds using A record and a subdomain map using CNAME, so I don't know why one works on one server vs the other one. I have tried this on several shared servers and come across the same issue.

I noted in the documentation that with CNAME you don't need dedicated but I thought I'd try and emulate the working one. It is a root level installation whereas the one here is a subfolder level site but I tried it on a root level site on this server too with no better results, so all I can think of is that it is related to to the shared ip or the dedicated ip in this case not resolving to the specific site..?

Does anyone know how to make the dedciated ip map to the site as a first pass at this, or is there anything else I can do here..?