I can't get past the "Facebook API" tab, even though I made a Facebook App

I can’t include a screenshot, because there’s no error message (and my error log is empty).

I followed the instructions, exactly (I think), and even though Facebook made me a new app and I pasted in the “API” key and the “Secret” key, when I click “Next Step” (or try to click directly on one of the other layers in the accordion), all that happens is the page with the API info animates closed and then re-opens.

My facebook account seems to reflect that the application has been created (I have 3 other facebook apps also, relating to other websites, though frankly I’m quite unclear on how they work).

Facebook did warn me “might take a few minutes to propagate to all servers”, but I’ve been fighting with this thing for almost an hour now. Is there any way to check whether it has properly propagated? The site in question is http://lemonadeheroes.com and the facebook app is called “Lemonade Heroes”. I have a facebook page with a similar name; maybe there’s a “namespace” glitch? But facebook seemed to approve all my decisions.

HELP?!!? I’m completely stumped.



  • DavidM
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    Hi Aaron and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Sorry you’re experiencing a bit of trouble with that. Just to check one thing really quickly, have you pressed the Save Changes button at the page bottom? Assuming you have but as you didn’t mention that I figured I should check.

    That said, could you first off verify that the App credentials are setup exactly as specified in Facebook? When copy-pasting it’s always a good idea to ensure an extra space character isn’t getting added at the end of the copied string, so that’s a good thing to check.



  • floxus
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    I was really stuck on this as well. That’s what you get for setting up from a laptop.

    I kept hitting the “save changes” at the bottom of the Facebook app page. This is not the “save changes” button you need.

    There is a “save changes” button hidden at the BOTTOM of the stack of next steps on the WORDPRESS page.

    If you have a short monitor like me, you never even see this button. I kept clicking the “next step” since that seems to be the most obvious. Not intuitive but there’s the hidden secret to getting to the next step!

  • aaronsylvan
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    Thanks –

    Somehow my stuff “magically” started working; perhaps I subconsciously already did that. I thought I had clicked everything that looked like any kind of “save changes”, but maybe this was the issue.

    Anyway, now that I see how complicated the frickin’ thing is (and more-so with the heroku app that fb kinda pushed me into “making”:wink:, it looks like I’ve got a jillion things to explore….



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